As we all advance in years, the biological make up of the skin begins to change and break down. There are a number of factors responsible for this – elastin fibres begin to break thicken and generally lose elasticity, the sebaceous oil glands decrease in size, collagen levels reduce and the skin becomes thinner, dry, more easily damaged and less able to protect itself. This, in turn, results in  thinner, looser skin and those unwanted wrinkles, lines and creases that we know, hate and want to avoid so much!

That's why you should look after your skin and help it stay in optimum shape, do this and the visible signs of aging will slow down and reduce. A good quality anti aging treatment will also really help.

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The Aging Process

As we age our skin naturally changes – it will become less smooth and lose elasticity causing it to hang in a looser way, the surface layer will thin and cause the skin to become more transparent and thinner blood vessel walls will increase bruising. Overall the skin will become more fragile and hence prone to damage and lesions.

Change also happens below the skin which can impact on visible appearance – change such as loose skin or sunken eyes due to fat loss and changes such as wrinkles round the mouth du to bone and changes to the nose due to cartilage loss.

We can’t entirely stop or reverse it but there are steps we can take that can really help in the fight against the aging process.

Think about it – our skin, as the outer coating of our entire body, is completely at the mercy of the natural elements we expose it to … wind, rain, cold, sun, polution … and often in extremes. Yet so often we don’t even think about protecting it or at least give it a helping hand.

Of course it’s not just the natural elements we should consider, it’s also about lifestyle. Sure, there’s things relating to genetics that we cannot influence which have a bearing on how the skin ages but there’s a whole host of lifestyle factors which we can. Smoking, diet, exercise, sleep, drinking, stress, exposure to harsh chemicals all have an adverse effect on the aging process. We’re not going to go into details in this article but, the golden rule is, look after yourself and all aspects of your lifestyle and you’ll notice a big difference.

Lines And Wrinkles

Wrinkles are what we particularly associate with aging. The skin contains collagen which keeps it firm and strong and elastic fibers called elastin which allow it to stretch and move but snap back into place again. As we age the skin starts to lose its firmness and natural elasticity and that’s when we start to see the lines and wrinkles as well as drooping (particularly around the eyes) and looseness (particularly around the jowls and chin area).

Exposure to the natural elements listed above have a major influence on the breakdown of collagin and elastins with the suns UV light being most responsible for damage. Sunscreen is a “no brainer” start to use it at all times as it really will help.

Lifestyle also has a bearing too though and there are things you can directly influence that help the skin retain firmness and elasticity. Smoking, for example, produces toxins which will, in many ways, cause the loss of collagin and elestins which is why most smokers tend to look older and have more wrinkles. I used to smoke so I know how difficult it is to give up – I'm not going to lecture you on this subject. It's not the only lifestyle influence on aging – diet has a major effect so make sure you eat and drink plenty of the right foods and liquids that balance those essential vitamins, minerals and antioxidants which help keep the skin nourished and hydrated. Avoid binges and keep you alcohol intake down as too much is proven to have a detrimental effect on your skin. Exercise helps keep your whole body healthy and this includes the skin. In particular it boosts oxygen flow which carry all the nutrients to the skin. I know this can be easier said than done in many cases but keep stress levels down to a minimum as it really can exacerbate many skin issues.

Anti Aging Creams And Treatments

Start with sunscreen as we cannot and use a good quality antiaging treatment. This can really help to keep the skin healthy by providing protection against the elements and by providing support to keep the skin in optimal health.

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