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Skin Solutions Direct – About Us

Hi and thanks for your visit today. Let me tell you all about us at Skin Solutions Direct.

Skin Solutions Direct About Us - Ruby RhodesMy name is Ruby Rhodes and I'm passionate about skin care!

I also like to support the underdogs and in the global skin care market it's so difficult for any small company to compete against the giants. They may have the best products but don't have the budget to go up against the bottomless marketing pockets of the big players. It's therefore hard for them to get onto the shelves so many of them rely on people like me who help to spread the word on the web.

There are huge profits to be made and, because of this, the big skin care brands can afford to dominate the market with huge advertising budgets and highly professional marketing services. Don't get me wrong, they manufacture some brilliant products too but, then again, so do some of the smaller companies who struggle to compete against the might of these big names!

Because the smaller companies know they don't have the resources to effectively compete they choose to market themselves in a different way – via mail order directly from the lab! This means that they can focus on product quality and building reputation through results, reviews and recommendations.

That's why you may not be too familiar with some of these company names, why you're not going to find the products in the shops and why you won't find them boxed up in fancy packaging. Don't let this put you off though – you could still get some amazing products at a fraction of the cost you would perhaps expect to pay.

I hope that explains why I've built this website – to introduce you to, to advertise and to support these companies and to showcase the products they manufacture. I also run another website  RevitolReviews.org which purely supports Revitol.

The particular companies I support are as follows:

Revitol Natural Skin Care >>>

Skinception >>>

Venorex >>>

I obviously don't do this for free though and so, in the interests of openness and clarity I want to let you know that the pages of this website contain affiliate links to the official websites of these skin care companies. Should you click through such a link and then decide to make a purchase the company in question will pay me a commission. This doesn't mean you pay more for the product though – in fact often the opposite may be true as many of them offer direct discounts and special offers.

Useful Links:

FDA: https://www.fda.gov/

Natural Products Association: http://www.npainfo.org/

Of course it shouldn't just be about my views … if you've tried or used the products we write about then let's have your views. We'll publish them – good or bad. You can use the comments form on the bottom of the pages or visit the page Contact Us >>>

I trust you find the website useful and interesting and I hope that perhaps it opens your eyes to cost effective skin care options that maybe you didn't know existed.

Thanks again for your visit today.

Contact Email: info@skinsolutionsdirect.com